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About Shuga Productions

"See a need. Fill a need."  - Robots

The path to becoming a great Model was not always a straight line, and the journeys of Shuga Productions have been invaluable to my success. I decided in 2017 to incorporate my passion for working with people, with my creative desires. Shuga Productions was born. It was my time to step from in front of the camera and step up behind the camera and put back into the future of the modeling industry.

Everyone who works with Shuga Productions has found themselves growing in the world of fashion and are passionate about this type of growth. If you want to work with a true professional who is focused on delivering only work of the highest quality, let's talk about your dreams!

About: Bio

"Hello, I'm Shuga"

Founder & CEO of Shuga Productions


    She is a natural mentor, a soulful creative director, a seasoned model coach and a creative production manager. 

    Shuga started her modeling career doing pagents in high school back in the 90's. After completing college, she later became a freelance plus model, traveling all over Texas, up to New York, down to Florida and everything in between, modeling and networking, always growing, learning, watching and listening.

    In 2017, Shuga Productions was born with the intention to provide an all inclusive experience, which specializes in model training for a wide variety of purposes, offering a range of services that clients can’t seem to get enough of. Shuga offers her clients the professional equipment and creative insight that every model needs to get their foot in the door.

    Shuga has the runway experience from Portland Fashion Week 2015, LS1426 Houston Fashion Week 2015-2019, Full Figured Fashion Week 2018 and the Essence Festival in 2019. 

    With her experiences, Shuga felt it was time to make the transition from model to creative director and model coach. With the fashion and modeling industry growing and advancing, Shuga knew it was her time to share her blessings and put back into the up and coming model and watch them grow. 

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The Squad

About: Team Members

Jessica Meshaun

Meshaun Model Management LLC

Agency Owner


Darryl Edwards

Lead Photographer

J and K Photography

Screenshot_20210902-230717_Samsung Internet.jpg

Elvin Blackmon


Code Black Photography


Lakeitha Smith

Master Stylist

Diva J's Closet

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